At QWYC, we offer a variety of programs that support youth in developing skills and confidence

Currently. a limited amount of programs are being offered virtually. 


A safe and supportive space for LGBTQ2S+ youth to hangout, make new friends, enjoy activities and discussions with peers, etc.

Mental Wellness

A supportive group of passionate youth and adult allies who are working together towards creating change in the mental health system, as well as society 

Youth LYNK

YouthLYNK focuses on helping high school students gain their 40 hours of community service that is mandatory to graduate Ontario High Schools. 

What's Cooking

What's Cooking is a program that allows youth to learn proper techniques of cooking, but also teaches healthy eating.

Virtual Programming 

All virtual programming is held through Zoom and Discord. 

To participate in one of these programs, please reach out via Facebook or Instagram to receive an invite to the program through Zoom or Discord.

Hours of virtual programming are Tuesdays to Fridays from 4-8. 4 to 5, staff are available by appointment for one-on-one meetings. 5 to 6 is dedicated to a group hang out. 6 to 8 is programming. 

Spectrum Tuesdays

Spectrum is for LGBTQ2S+ youth and allies to gather and do a range of activities. Movie nights, baking, crafts, discussions, etc.

Writers Society Wednesdays 

Calling all writers! Bring forth your short stories, poems, novels, song lyrics, and fanfic! Come talk character development, world building, and plotting with us. Great time to use your imagination and build upon your writing skills.

Dungeons & Dragons Thursdays

Have you ever wished to wield a sword or cast spells? To slay dragons and go on quests through mysterious worlds? Have the opportunity to enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons every Thursday!

Miscellaneous Fridays

Each Friday, members can expect something new to do, from participating in blanket fort challenges to Netflix parties.

Due to COVID-19, some of these programs will be changing. 

Daily Activities

Each night we are open, we offer activities for members to participate in 

Tuesday Nights = SPECTRUM

Every Tuesday, Spectrum is run by Allie. Once a month on Tuesday nights, a trip to Say Out Loud in Belleville occurs and the 4th Tuesday of the month is Spectrum Movie Night

Wednesday Nights = Wellness

Every Wednesday, Jess and Allie facilitate activities for our members that teach coping mechanisms as well as focus on oneself. The goal of these activities is to promote good health, both physically and mentally.

Thursday Nights = Art/Youth Writer's Society

Every other Thursday, Arts of Quinte West come in to teach members different ways of painting. 

On the other Thursdays, members can attend Youth Writer's Society. 

Friday Nights = Music/D&D

Every Friday Dungeons & Dragons is played upstairs. In the main room we listen to music and play instruments. Come get your groove on!